Inazuma Eleven Go

Inazuma Eleven Go - 10 : A Rebellion for Victory!
The first regional round of the Saints Way tournament is underway. In defiance of Fifth Sector's orders, Riccardo scores the first goal against Milky Way Charter School and vows that Raimon will win the match -- but the other players refuse to follow his lead, afraid of the possible consequences. Milky Way Charter School takes control of the game by playing rough, and though Arion and a few others fight back with everything they've got, Milky Way Charter School midfielder Zaphod Riker uses his fighting spirits to even the score. Zaphod Riker mocks Riccardo for not being able to control his own fighting spirits, but when he tells Sam, "A loser like you could never block my shot"...

Inazuma Eleven Go - 7 : Enter Coach Evans!
Percival Travis is fired for defying the orders of Fifth Sector. He leaves Raimon, telling Arion to keep fighting the good fight. Meanwhile, Riccardo, devastated by the loss of the coach he trusted, goes into seclusion. The entire team is feeling low as they meet their new coach: none other than the legendary Mark Evans! When Coach Evans announces they are going to "practice to win," the players are suspicious. Is this really the coach sent by Fifth Sector? Coach Evans tells the team to meet him at the old pitch by the river, but only Arion and J.P. show up...

Inazuma Eleven Go - 4 : Can Arion Make the Grade?
Out of nowhere, Victor is given a spot on the Raimon Football team without undergoing tryouts, and the team is not happy. The upperclassmen entrusted Riccardo with the job of team captain, but how can he protect the Raimon Football club in a world where Fifth Sector decides the outcome of every game? Arion and J.P. wake up early to prepare for their tryouts, but get so caught up in training that they show up late! Many different emotions well up in the older members as they watch the two boys train relentlessly, refusing to waste time even to enjoy recess or eat lunch. Victor is among them, but when Arion plainly states his desire to make the team, Victor says only, "Do whatever you like."

Inazuma Eleven Go - 3 : The Fall of the Raimon Football Team!
There is a legend in Football that a skilled player's energy, when it's in perfect focus, can take visible form -- a "Fighting Spirits." The legend proves true when Victor Blade reveals his own Fighting Spirits. But Riccardo, pushed to the limit, inspired by Arion, and determined to save the Raimon Football tradition, summons his own fighting spirit and blocks Victor's unblockable shot. Victor and Riccardo prepare to clash when the game is suddenly declared over. The Order of Black Templars depart, vowing to return again, leaving the Raimon Football team in shambles. With Fifth Sector looming over them, many members quit, yet Arion still wants to join. What will Riccardo do?

Inazuma Eleven Go - 2 : The Elusive Fighting Spirits!
When Arion manages to steal the ball from the mysterious Victor Blade, Victor aims a furious shot at him. But that ball is suddenly knocked off course by another from Riccardo Di Rigo, captain of the Raimon team, who stands together with the varsity Raimon Eleven. Victor smirks and declares that he and his Order of Black Templars, sent by an organization called Fifth Sector, will be the new Raimon Eleven, and a Football battle ensues over the right to bear that name. The Order of Black Templars' onslaught is relentless, with Victor Blade using his Special moves to score over and over again. Raimon seems doomed when suddenly Coach Percival makes the stunning decision to send the newcomer, Arion, into the match...

Inazuma Eleven Go - 1 : A Fresh Breeze at Raimon Junior High!
Arion Sherwind lives for Football, so there's only one place for him: Raimon Junior High -- the school that won the world title ten years ago. On his first morning at Raimon, Arion is so excited that he skips the opening ceremony and rushes to check out the action on the Football pitch, but there he finds the team's members fallen and battered. A mysterious boy is standing among them. "Raimon Football is dead," he says, "Who needs Football, anyway?" Arion finds himself challenging the boy for the future of the team, but he's no match for the skill and power of this mysterious stranger...

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