Víctor Blade
Team:  Raimon School, Templar Knights.

Victor Blade hates soccer, but he has an excellent talent for the sport. He is one of the Imperials of the Fifth Sector, a mysterious organization which controls all soccer matches in Japan. He was already a first-rate player as the captain of the Black Templars, and now, as a forward for Raimon, his abilities have improved to make him an even more lethal attacker.

As the series progresses, we will understand why Victor rejects soccer: He associates one of his life’s most painful memories with the sport.

Initially, Victor joined the Fifth Sector to help his hospitalized big brother get the medical treatment he need. Once he becomes part of Arion and Riccardo’s team, he feels bothered by violent players who attempt to injure others during matches.

Little by little, we will see that Victor hides a kind personality behind the cold attitude that he tends to exhibit in public.

Special moves:
Inazuma Eleven GO

Supernatural Strike

Doomsword Slash

Doom Dive Drive

Fire Tornado DD


Chrysanthemum Katana