Sol Daystar
Sol DaystarTeam:  Instituto Universal, Raimon School.

Sol has orange hair and blue eyes and he is the captain of Universal Middle School, where he plays as a forward and wears the number 11.

Because he suffers an illness which makes his body weak, the doctors have told him that he has to avoid physical strain. Nonetheless, he sometimes leaves the hospital to play for a while. It is on one of these occasions that he meets Arion and becomes friends with him.

Despite loving soccer and having outstanding skills at the sport, Sol is not allowed to engage in intense exercise. As a result, he feels excited but also frustrated when he watches Raimon’s thrilling matches on TV. But he is determined to play soccer no matter what. and he will be finally part of Raimon, as a midfielder with number18.

His supertechnique is called Sunshine Force and he is Mixi Maxed with Zhuge Liang, a famous chinese strategist.

Sol Daystar Sol Daystar