Ryoma Nishiki
Team:  Raimon School.

Ryoma Nishiki is known in the series as Roma. He plays as midfielder and wears the number 14.

His physical appearance cannot be overlooked: He is one of the tallest players of Raimon High, and he wears his long black hair in a ponytail with a blue band.

He was trained as a soccer player in Italy, where he learnt the secrets of soccer thanks to Kevin Dragonfly's lessons. Raimon's former forward is able to prepare rice balls that make Ryoma feel relaxed and confident, because, as a result of the time they spent together in Italy, the two share a nice friendship.

Special moves:
Inazuma Eleven GO

    • Acrobatic Keep

    • Rising dragon

    • Katana Kick


  • Black Tide Ride