Riccardo di Rigo
Team:  Raimon School.

Riccardo di Rigo is the captain of the Raimon Junior High Soccer Team and, without doubt, one of the best players the team has ever had. He is intelligent, clever and an expert in soccer, all of which has earned him the title “Virtuoso”. He leads his team flawlessly, like the conductor of an orchestra.
Riccardo has a really deep sense of responsibility and he needs to make everything work perfectly. For this reason, he doesn’t hesitate in showing his disagreement or annoyance when someone jeopardizes that perfection.
Among his best friends are Gabriel García and Samguk Han, who always support him in his decisions.
In addition to his great ability for playing soccer, he can play the piano and that is why his avatar is related to music.

Special moves:
Inazuma Eleven GO

  • Fortissimo Foot

  • Athena's Anthem

  • Hey Presto

Inauzuma Eleven GO CHRONO STONES

  • Ephemeral Boost