Arion Sherwind

The main character in Inazuma Eleven Go. He occupies the position of midfielder and eventually replaces Riccardo as the team’s captain.
Arion has showed how nice and caring he is countless times. He has a cheerful spirit and a big heart, both of which he displays when he tries to help those in need, as well as to protect his team members. Competitive and a fighter, Arion will prove to everybody that it is necessary to never give up.

Raimon’s new captain discovered his love for soccer 10 years ago, when Axel saved his life. Now, his passion for the sport can be compared with that of Mark Evans’s.
Because of Arion’s deep admiration and respect for Inazuma Japan and Raimon, he gets really excited whenever he can meet former members of those teams.

Among his virtues are his optimism, kindness, determination and passion for soccer. Although his tenacity to always do his best has sometimes led him to overexert himself, Arion thinks that every struggle is worth it if he can reach out to his teammates and reinforce their links.

Special moves:

Inazuma Eleven GO

  • Easy Breezy

  • Zephyr Shot

  • Whirly-Whirly


  • Heart Attack

  • Tornado Tunnel
    Sword of the King