No,4002-01_RROn 2008 a videogame revolutionized the market at Japan and quickly became one of the most popular worldwide.

Inazuma Eleven, a Level 5 creation, combined the rol play videogame characteristics (upgrade levels, adquire new skills, buy and sell, achievements…) with the soccer videogames characteristics (dribbling, matches, football players…) joined to the awesome special moves from Inazuma Eleven.

Immediately, OLM and Level 5 produced the tv series, that was broadcasted these same year by TV Tokyo, reaching record audience ratings. The Inazuma Eleven phenomenon was born.

In Europe the TV series has been shown on the main kids channels, atracting higher audience than the broadcasted channel average share.

Inazuma Eleven Go leads the TV market when is broadcasted. On the contries where the series is broadcasted is on the Top 5 , attaining the #1 position in several of them, such as Poland, Italy, Netherlands or Portugal.

Furthermore, Inazuma Eleven has become a reference on the European Licenses sector, with a constant presence on the professional media of the field.

As a result has gained such relevance that its license program has been launched in several european countries at the same time.

The property has more than 400 licensed products references in the coutries in which is present.

Inazuma Eleven is constantly present in international license fairs such prestigious as Brand Licensing Europe in Londres,  Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, License Forums of Milán,  Barcelona and Madrid, and in París, Kazachock Forum of Paris.